Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Quote of the week: Quilters know all the angles..........

Here we are again, another week has flown by . . . so much to do and so little time. We must start off by thanking Bev Miller from The Chocolate Crow Trader who looks after our website for us. She has been working tirelessly for days on end to get it all up to date and it looks fantastic!

All of the fabrics that we have in the shop are now able to be viewed and ordered online or by giving us a call here on (03) 6234 8338.

I was fortunate enough to have Saturday off from the shop to spend extra time with the family. I was able to watch my youngest play one of her best games of soccer this season then spend the rest of the afternoon doing what girls like to do best . . . shop . . . although shoppng with two girls aged 10 and 12 sometimes isn't a good thing.

Sunday saw me tending to my poor garden which was crying out for attention and Monday saw me recovering from it!!

Deirdre also spent a nice day with family on Sunday - lunch at her place, walking down along the creek on their property and relaxing in the afternoon in the Tasmanian sunshine.

Thanks to Lisa and Jane, two very good customers of ours, we now have some new samples in the shop. They were thrilled when asked if they'd mind, as we find it difficult to find time to keep up with new samples that are required. They both did a beautiful job - thanks girls!!

Another customer of ours, Jenny came into the shop yesterday to show off her latest project. She had recently purchased a selection of "Apron Strings", a fabric range by Chloe's Closet for Moda (can view on our website) and had completed the quilt top in the same design that we have in the shop and it looked beautiful. We love seeing all the 'show and tell' that our customers bring in - it doesn't matter what they're working on, we still like to them to share it with us!!

Time has come for me to head off and start cutting some more kits for our next 'Prairie Children' class - we meet once a month and boy, does time come around quickly!

Until next time, keep well.
Leonie & Deirdre

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