Monday, 22 October 2007

Quote of the Week:

"A day patched with quilting seldom unravels . . ."
If ever you have dreamt of owning a vintage quilt, here is your chance to do so . . . just feast your eyes on these beautiful vintage quilts that have arrived in the shop. They are all just so gorgeous - we want to take each and every one of them home but we know we can't!!

Four of them have already sold; a Double Wedding Ring which went to live in a good home in New South Wales; a Postage Stamp which was signed and dated, a Butterfly Quilt and a Dresden Plate, both to local ladies.

We are very excited as some of the fabrics that are in the quilts, in particular, a Grandmothers Fan that just arrived, the same reproductions are here in the shop - shows you how spot on the fabric designers are . . .

The lady from NSW who bought the Double Wedding Ring (who apparently has a house full of quilts) said, "I never wanted to own one until I actually saw one; I can't believe how beautiful they are".

. . . .Now ladies, have a little word in your husband's ear and tell him what you'd like for Christmas . . . we'll even throw in the postage to keep him happy (registered too!) . . .

Next February will see us both heading off to Melbourne with the shop in tow, to the Australian Quilting Expo which is held annually. We have been on a long waiting list for a very long time and finally got word that we 'were in'. Very excitied we are . . . it will be nice to have the opportunity to show people what we have and what we are about. This expo is dedicated entirely to quilting and will be held on February 21st - 24th 2008. We hope to see you there!

Until next time,

Leonie & Deirdre
The Quilted Crow

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mother and Co. ,

CLEARLY my eyes are open and CLEARLY i am not asleep!!!! :-(

and also i am twelve not ten mother of mine :-)

From Your daughter, Jess Bateman. - she who rocks lots.

PS dad has never said anything like "AYE AYE!"