Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Quote of the Week:

Every quilter has a masterpiece within . . .

For all of you who have been eagerly awaiting news of how our Christmas Gathering went on the weekend - I've finally made it to the keyboard!!

What a fantastic day!! Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and couldn't say enough about Natalie Bird and Anni Downs -

both girls do the most amazing work and their projects that they made especially for the day were a hit with everyone.
Here are some photos to share with you all . .
Remember all of the little pressies we told you we were making for everyone (80 in total!!)but we had to keep it a surprise - well this is what they were - little messenger birds (a gorgeous pattern by Rosalie Quinlan) with an old fashioned charm tied around their neck of a traditional Christmas image. Each person received one of these beautiful little birdies sitting in their own little nest . . . .

The table display . . .

Part of the shop display on the stage area . . .

. . . And for those of you who are wondering what "Nellie's Sewing Box" looked like when it was finished, here it is . . .

Now that we have shared some of the photos of our Gathering with you, we can also share some other exciting news that we mentioned briefly a few posts back.

Helen Stubbings from Hugs n Kisses has taken on both Deirdre and myself as new designers under her pattern distribution name 'Pattern Press'. This hopefully will open up many doors for us and we can't begin to tell you how excited we both are.

All of the projects that we designed for our Christmas Gathering will be available by the end of September in our shop or if you have your own shop and would like to buy wholesale, you can contact Helen on (03) 6278 7507.

We are madly working on typing up our patterns for other projects we have designed also, so it is keeping us rather busy. Now if I was clever enough, I would be able to 'link' you to Helen's new website, but I'm not . . . so here is the website address !! . You will also find on this website all of Helen's patterns that she has available too.

Well, this isn't getting all the work done that needs doing, so I must be off. Thank you to everyone who came to our Gathering and supported us. Hope to see you at our next one in April/May.

Until next time,

Leonie & Deirdre

The Quilted Crow


Carrie P. said...

That little pink bird is so sweet!

Ashleyzqgr said...

That little pink bird is so sweet!