Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Quote of the Week:

"Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just follow our heart's desires?"

OK, I know . . . it's Wednesday and I promised I would always do the blog first thing Monday before I opened the chocolate . . . but I didn't have any chocolate . . . so the blog thing just passed me by . . . but here we are with some new things to share with you all.

Some new fabrics arrived here on Friday. Pictured below is one of the latest reproduction lines by Judie Rothermel - Civil War Dressing Gowns II - a small range of only 12 prints and very pretty.

Also just in is 'Recess' by American Jane, a retro range that appeals to the younger sewers and is great for patchwork, bags, clothing - anything really!! Bonnie Blues, Sturbridge Village Calicoes and Vicksburg have also arrived and are just breathtakingly beautiful. Check them out on our website.

Now, if anyone from South Australia is reading our blog today, (or anyone heading over in the next fortnight!) be sure to check out Jane at The Patchwork Apple. She is hosting a "Gathering in the Hills" on Sunday 19th October with Helen Stubbings from Hugs n Kisses as her guest tutor. Here is a photo of the gorgeous quilt that Helen has designed especially for the day using her trademark Colourque technique.

A delicious morning and afternoon tea, scrummy lunch, gift bag and lots of inspiration - who wouldn't want to be part of that . . . go ahead and book and be part of the fun!

Deirdre is out the back quilting her life away on Big Mal - the quilts are piling up which is a good sign that people are happy with our work. I'm off to pick up the kiddlywinks from school - such little treasures . .

Until next time,

Leonie & Deirdre - The Quilted Crow

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The Patchwork Apple- Jane said...

Can I be the first comment? Please please? A HUGE thank you, with a big hug for the promo about the Gathering. It is so nice. For those of you out there, these girls are NICE! With a capital N.
This is what is so good about our industry, really nice people.