Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Quote of the Week:

"Quilters make great comforters . . ."

"Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat"

It was all about Halloween last week and Deirdre being the Halloween Queen, had her house decorated out at Campania.

She lives in 'woop woop' and nobody goes trick or treating out there (much to her dismay!) so we have decided that next year she will bring it all to my place where there are loads of people dressed in fun costumes roaming the streets, knocking on doors and having lots of fun!

Here are some photos to share with you all of Deirdre's house . . .

We are still madly preparing for Quilt Market next week - there is still so much to do - and time is quickly passing us by - patterns still to write - a project still to finish - quilts to be quilted - any wonder we are going through the chocolate . . . one can never have enough . .

Until next time

Leonie & Deirdre - The Quilted Crow

1 comment:

Pauline said...

hi girls...Hey deirdre can I come live with you...???????? what a awesome house!!!!!!! looks great.
Have fun at the quilt market....