Sunday, 31 August 2008

Quote of the Week:

Friends are like fabric, you can never have enough . . .

I'm a step ahead of you today!! As you know, we ususally post on a Monday, but I am here tonight at the shop working late on a Sunday . . . waiting for my 13 year old, Ellen, who is performing in a Taiko Drumming concert to call mum for pick up. "Why aren't you there watching her?" I hear you say . . . well it was our night last night to see them perform - two and a half hours of solid drumming and singing - absolutely amazing.
Our girls had only been playing for seven weeks and we were all mighty proud of them. The other drummers are very experienced and have been playing for years.
If ever you have a chance to see a Taiko Drumming performance, don't miss it - reminds me of how unfit I am . . . damn that chocolate . . .
Now for those of you who like Halloween, check out Deirdre's Penny Rug and Trick or Treat Bags - aren't they just soooo cute? They are all made from 100% felted wool - one of our favourite textiles to work with - and are really quick and easy to make. If you are interested, we have patterns and kits available in the shop for this project and lots of other Halloween goodies too.

Only three weeks now until our Christmas Gathering - the elves have been madly working out the back getting it all organised (as in Deirdre & I). We've got the kids on the lolly bag making - not a good idea now I come to think of it . . . and husbands pacing, waiting for our next order . . . bless their hearts . .

Anni Downs emailed us some pics of her projects but I am having trouble getting them across to the blog. I'll have another go at it this week - nothing like keeping you all in suspense! We're sure you're going to love them - lots of little Christmas Ornies made from hand dyed felted wool and a gorgeous tote bag with stitchery on it - just what every girl needs . . .
Natalie Bird will be getting pics of her projects to us soon too - they are both very busy ladies and we are thrilled that they are taking time out to come to Tassie!
Oops, there's the phone, time to pick up the Taiko Drumming Girl.
Have a great week everyone,
Until next time,
Leonie & Deirdre
The Quilted Crow


Jo in Tas said...

Annie's posted them on her blog and they are gorgeous!

Turnerkfpk said...

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