Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Quote of the Week:
Quilts are like friends . . a great source of comfort and warmth . . .
It wasn't my fault - really it wasn't . . . and it didn't have anything to do with the fact that I had run out of chocolate . . . There have been some problems with 'Blogger' since Friday which affected everyone worldwide - apparently some software mishap but all is well now and I can keep tapping away at the keyboard, keeping you up to date with all that is happening here at Crow Central.
I have taken a photo of some new fabric that arrived just recently from 'A Day in the Country' - fresh and funky we call it. There are a lot of designers using this range at the moment so you'll be sure to see it around. If you take a peek at Helen Stubbings blog (I dont' know how to link you to it yet !!) you will see a project she is working on in these fabrics. There are also some spots and stripes that co-ordinate well with these and we have those in stock as well.

We are currently getting ready to start Helen's Block of the Month "Neenies Garden" (photo above) in store soon so if you are interested in participating and want some more information, drop us an email and we'll be sure to pop your name down. 'Sweet Escape' is the range of fabric that Helen used for this quilt and we too will be using it. The quilt is just gorgeous and Helen using a combination of stitching along with her Colorque technique and as you can see, the end result is stunning.

We are also running Kerrie Gillespie's 'Life's Pleasures & Treasures' and this is the fabric that we will be using - what do you think - pretty isn't it?

And here is the quilt . . . well maybe not . . . I will have to post the photo next week as the one I have is a little too dark . . . this BOM runs for six months and again, if you would like some more info, drop us an email.

The other Block of the Month is Anni Downs 'Pockets of Posies' and we have ordered in a range especially for this one. This BOM will run over ten months and will commence some time in October.
So yes, we have a few things happening that will keep us busy. Deirdre is out back on the quilting machine 'Big Mal' quilting up a storm . . . we both enjoy the longarm machine and often have to fight over who is going to do the next one!! But there are plenty to do so neither of us will miss out!
That's going to have to do for today - lots of secret stuff to get done!!

Until next time,

Leonie & Deirdre
The Quilted Crow

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