Monday, 18 August 2008

Quote of the Week:

There is no wrong time for quilting . . .

What a beautiful sight greeted me this morning as I rounded the corner on the highway heading into Hobart and caught my first glance of Mt Wellington. The mountain was coated in snow and the sky was a brilliant blue - unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so I can't share a photo with you, but believe me, it was breathtaking.

The weekend saw us all snuggled indoors, sheltering from the cold and rain and what better excuse than to sit and do some sewing. I added a few finishing touches to my projects for the Christmas Gathering which is only five weeks away and now I have to do the boring part and write the patterns . . . arrrrgh!! Here's a photo that I took last week - not a very good one - it's a bit dark - but it gives you the idea - three 'Christmas Cones' made from our beautiful felted wool . . what do you think?

We have been busily preparing everything - the fun part is getting all the 'goodies' together for everyone - each Gathering we have, we provide a gift for each person who attends as a 'thank you' for coming along and supporting us. I came up with this 'grand idea' that we would make for each person a ????????? (I can't tell you what it is because it will spoil the surprise!! - hee hee) and now everywhere I look at home, there they are - beside my chair, on the tea trolley, on the bench, on the couch - they have taken over the whole house - "Mum, how many are you making?" my two daughters ask with their eyes rolling back thinking I've finally gone nuts . . . but they are all so cute and Deirdre and I are both sure everyone will like them (they'd better!!).

Very soon we will be able to share our secret with you that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago . . . things are well under way and we can't tell you how excited we are!! It will be a new venture for us both and one that we hope will be rewarding.

We have ordered lots of new fabric just recently - the new civil war ranges from Judie Rothermel should be arriving soon - they are Sturbridge Village Calicos, Dressing Gowns II and Vicksburg - no doubt you will hear the screams when the delivery man arrives.

Even though they are some time away, I'm off to make some room for them - there's nothing like having a change around on a cold wintry day . . it's so much fun!

Until next time,
Leonie & Deirdre
The Quilted Crow


Jo in Tas said...

Hi Leonie & Diedre,
Love the cones, they are definitely a "must make"! Can't wait to see what you've made us too. Plus a big thank-you as Sarah tells me you helped her decide on the delicious fabrics she used to make me cushions for my birthday. (see pic on my blog).

jill said...

Hi Leonie and Diedre,
The cones are lovely. I want to come to your gathering... Oh I really do do do! BUT I'm afraid not this time so I'll be there in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Nice Quilt. Thats alot of Bias.

Rodriguez said...

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